Female Philanthropy in the Interwar World: Between Self and Other

TitleFemale Philanthropy in the Interwar World: Between Self and Other
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsColpus, Eve
Number of Pages291
PublisherBloomsbury Academic

Female philanthropy was at the heart of transformative thinking about society and the role of individuals in the interwar period. Eve Colpus tells a new story about a world in which female philanthropists reshaped personal models of charity for modern projects of social connectedness, and new forms of cultural and political encounter. Centering the stories of four remarkable British-born women—Evangeline Booth; Lettice Fisher; Emily Kinnaird; and Muriel Paget—Colpus recaptures the breadth of the social, cultural and political influence of women's philanthropy upon practices of social activism. Female Philanthropy in the Interwar World is not only a new history of women's civic agency in the interwar period, but also a study of how female philanthropists explored approaches to identification and cultural difference that emphasized friendship in relation to interwar modernity.

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