L'Etat criminel: Les génocides au XXe siècle

TitleL'Etat criminel: Les génocides au XXe siècle
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsTernon, Yves

The 20th century has had the sad privilege of knowing organized, administered, statified brutality – of which genocide rests the most horrifying variant. What is a genocide? This book is not a catalog of horror. It is firstly a tentative attempt at intelligibility in the face of the “criminal state.” We find here the facts of genocides and other “genocidal” massacres, from the Holocaust to the violences of Bosnia and of Rwanda. More profoundly, the author, in using the tools of different specialists of the social sciences, strives to explain the phenomenon which haunts our contemporary history. [translated from publisher]

Translated TitleThe Criminal State: Genocide in the Twentieth Century
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