Des hommes et des femmes en guerre d’Algérie

TitleDes hommes et des femmes en guerre d’Algérie
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsJauffret, Jean-Charles
Number of Pages574

The Algerian War involved men and women, volunteers and the unwilling. It forced them to choose which side they were on. Who were these civilians and combatants? How did the different communities, both in Algeria and in France, live and think about this war? Who were the men and women who participated in this war, with or without uniform? In this erudite and exhaustive book, experts on this question -- historians of Algeria and France -- take a new look at the Algerian war and the interplay of individual and collective destinies. They alternately evoke the day to day life of the French of Algeria, the Jewish community, and Algerian women during the conflict; analyze the position of various intellectuals and Algerian and French politicians, and debate the role of Algerians in France. They focus on those who fought in the margins of the armed forces: the supplemental combatants, the involvement of a high school student in the ALN, the "harkis," the messengers, and those who refused to fight. 

Translated TitleMen and Women in the Algerian War
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