Post-Feminist War: Women and the Media-Military-Industrial Complex

TitlePost-Feminist War: Women and the Media-Military-Industrial Complex
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsVavrus, Mary Douglas
Number of Pages256
PublisherRutgers University Press
CityNew Brunswick, NJ

Media representations that have emerged out of contemporary wars have been well documented. These treatments, however, have been less attentive to how cultural constructions of military personnel and war itself figure in the depiction of the incursions in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Post-Feminist War, Mary Douglas Vavrus argues that all of these identity categories are integral to our understanding of those fighting, saved, or victimized by war. She considers two questions: how the construction of gender, race, and class in media are productive of régimes of truth regarding war and military life, and how such constructions may also intensify militarism. Vavrus demonstrates that news narratives that include women use feminism selectively in gender equality narratives, which tend to reinforce historically resonant gender, race, and class identity constructions. She asserts that such reporting advances post-feminism, which subtly pushes military solutions for an array of problems women and girls face.

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