Recent Challenges of Institutional Identity and Contemporary Armed Forces

TitleRecent Challenges of Institutional Identity and Contemporary Armed Forces
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPetrauskaite, Audronė, and Tatjana Rusko
JournalJournal of Security & Sustainability Issues
Date Published03/2018

Institutional identity is probably seen as the best and the only effective way of dealing with the uncertainties of postmodern society. This article argues the theory of institutional identity as positive interaction and development of personal and social identities and the foundation of self-image and self-esteem is especially important in the context of military organization. The phenomenon of postmodern identity has brought some difficulties into creation of universal concept of institutional identity. Institutional identity of the Armed Forces is reasoned by the postmodern transformations of the society. The process of creation of institutional identity in the Armed Forces should be based on peculiarities of postmodern individuals: rational way of thinking and their self-esteem.

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