Entre Prójimos: el Conflicto Armado Interno y la Política de la Reconciliación en el Perú

TitleEntre Prójimos: el Conflicto Armado Interno y la Política de la Reconciliación en el Perú
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsTheidon, Kimberly Susan
Corporate AuthorsInstituto de Estudios Peruanos
Number of Pages283
PublisherInstituto de Estudios Peruanos
CityLima, Peru

The Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Peru noted that the greatest number of victims of the internal armed conflict in the country occurred in the department of Ayacucho, and that among them, Quechua-speaking peasants predominated by far. Medical anthropologist Kimberly Theidon went into the rural areas of northern and south-central Ayacucho, where she studied with seven communities deeply marked by the violence they suffered and inflicted during the years of violence. Without minimizing the brutality exercised by the armed forces, her work explores civilian participation in the killings. How did people begin to kill each other? How did they militarize and demilitarize daily life and subjectivities? How have they mobilized the mechanisms of communal justice to punish the guilty and rehabilitate them? Finally, the book offers an analysis of the micropolitics of reconciliation they have elaborated between intimate enemies, thus contributing to our understanding of the aftermath of a fratricidal war. [Good Reads]

Translated TitleBetween Neighbors: the Internal Armed Conflict and the Politics of Reconciliation in Peru
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