Las Guerras Civiles: Una Historia en Ideas

TitleLas Guerras Civiles: Una Historia en Ideas
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsArmitage, David
Series EditorGalmarini, Marco Aurelio
Number of Pages318
CityMadrid, Spain

The wars in Syria, Iraq and Libya, formerly those of Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Liberia, Lebanon, Afghanistan ... All have occupied large spaces in the media, all have one element in common: they are civil wars. What is a civil war? Civil war is one of the least understood forms of different forms of human aggression. The ideas of what civil wars are, and of what they are not, have had a long tradition of academic and political debates. When talking about war, words become weapons and sometimes the definition of civil war has depended on the position of the one who formulates it: whether he was a ruler or a rebel, winner or loser, participant or external observer. The fact that a conflict is classified as a civil war can help other nations to get involved or to remain on the sidelines, as happened throughout history in cases such as the American Revolution or the last Gulf War. Not to mention that sometimes the current policy in the Western world "looks like a civil war carried out by other means". In Civil Wars Professor David Armitage studies this form of conflicts throughout history: from ancient Rome to our days, through the Renaissance, the revolutions of the last four centuries, the civil war in the United States, the Spain ... Through thinkers like Hobbes, Locke, Sidney, Clausewitz ..., who theorized about them, establishes a genealogy of the sometimes erroneous notions of what a civil war is. An intellectual heritage that has marked the political decisions made so far with respect to them and that should help us think about this form of violence in the future. (Publisher)

Translated TitleThe Civil Wars: A History in Ideas
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