Memorias de las Militancias Femeninas Antes del Golpe de Estado (Valparaíso)

TitleMemorias de las Militancias Femeninas Antes del Golpe de Estado (Valparaíso)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsContreras, María Angélica
JournalRevista Estudos Feministas
Date Published11/2018

This work addresses the articulations between gender and social memories of the Chilean civic-military dictatorship focused on the political trajectories of women left militants. We start by problematizing the relationships between gender and memory, followed by an analysis of the beginning of women's political participation. Methodologically we rely on life stories of women who were young militants during the Popular Unity, after the coup d'état they experienced political repression, they became involved in the resistance against the dictatorship, and in the present they remain politically active. The analysis problematizes how gender reproduces and challenges itself when recalling the recent past. From this we conclude on the pertinence of starting from the point of view of women, who claim feminist epistemologies, by articulating memory and gender. [Author]

Translated TitleMemoirs of the Female Militancies Before the Coup d'Etat (Valparaíso)
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