Mujeres en la Alborada: Guerrilla y Participación Femenina en Guatemala 1973-1978

TitleMujeres en la Alborada: Guerrilla y Participación Femenina en Guatemala 1973-1978
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsColom, Yolanda
Number of Pages329
PublisherEdiciones del Pensativo

This work is the sincere, precise, clear and exciting narrative of some key years in the Guatemalan revolutionary movement. It is the testimony of a short and intense period in the life of an integral woman who moved away from a comfortable life to live in hiding for decades. Without mythifications or idealizations, this essential book narrates life in the impenetrable jungle, the participation of women in the guerrilla detachments, the daily tasks of the construction of the revolutionary movement and the guerrilla organization, the indigenous society, the coexistence, the armed actions, the repression, the longings, the love, the contradictions and the The defects of a generation that embraced the cause of the poor in the face of the violence of a state and an exclusionary and racist society in which to buy a woman-at the end of the twentieth century-cost more or less the same as buying a chicken. [Publisher]

Translated TitleWomen in the Alborada: Guerrilla and Female Participation in Guatemala, 1973-1978
Reprint EditionMujeres en la Alborada: Nuestra Vida en la Selva, Nuestra Vida en la Guerrilla, 2018
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