Un Manifiesto por la Vida: La Autobiografía del Hombre que Lucha por las Mujeres en el Congo

TitleUn Manifiesto por la Vida: La Autobiografía del Hombre que Lucha por las Mujeres en el Congo
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMukwege, Denis
Number of Pages270

In his early years as a doctor, the Congolese Denis Mukwege discovered that many pregnant women in his country did not receive prenatal care, leading to a high number of pregnancies ending in tragedy. His vocation as a gynecologist was born at that time and led him to study obstetrics in France. Back in the Congo, he turned his attention to those who were most unprotected. Ten years later, in the midst of the armed conflict, he founded the Panzi hospital in Bukavu, a region where militias have turned rape and genital mutilation into a weapon of war, and began treating the many victims of sexual violence. The threats against him were not long in coming. Despite this, Mukwege denounced the situation to the government - which persisted in denying what was happening - and then in December 2006 to the international community, through the UN. Since then, his life is in danger and he lives under protection, which has not prevented him from continuing to fight for the end of the violence against Congolese women. His efforts have earned international recognition and led to multiple awards, including the Olof Palme Award, the United Nations Human Rights Prize, the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Conscience of the European Parliament and the Nobel Peace Prize 2018. [Publisher]

Translated TitleA Manifesto for Life: The Autobiography of the Man Fighting for Women in the Congo
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