Abigail Adams' Letters of March 31 and May 7, 1776

TitleAbigail Adams' Letters of March 31 and May 7, 1776
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAdams, Abigail
JournalAbigail Adams' Letters of March 31 & May 7, 1776
Date Published08/2017

The article presents the text of letters written by Abigail Adams, the wife of Massachusetts patriot John Adams. A March 31, 1776 letter from Braintree focuses on the conflict with Great Britain. The letter inquires after the progress of military actions against Great Britain. Adams expresses her views on political liberty and comments that infringement on another's liberty opposes Christian ethics. The letter describes political and social conditions in Boston, Massachusetts, during the conflict. Information in the letter suggests there was an evacuation of the town and some vandalism to government buildings. She mentions the conditions at her house in Boston, and claims that it was occupied by a military regiment. The letter written in May, 1776 indicates an improvement in conditions in Boston, despite apprehension of political turmoil in other cities. Adams finishes her letter with the assertion that women deserve power and rights equal to those of men. [Massachusetts Historical Society]

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