The Consequences of Radical Reform: The French Revolution

TitleThe Consequences of Radical Reform: The French Revolution
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsAcemoglu, Daron, Davide Cantoni, Simon Johnson, and James A. Robinson
JournalThe American Economic Review
Date Published12/2011

The French Revolution of 1789 had a momentous impact on neighboring countries, particularly in Germany. The French Revolutionary armies during the 1790s and later under Napoleon invaded and controlled large parts of Europe. Together with invasion came various radical institutional changes. French invasion removed the legal and economic barriers that had protected the nobility, clergy, guilds, and urban oligarchies and established the principle of equality before the law. The evidence suggests that areas that were occupied by the French and that underwent radical institutional reform experienced more rapid urbanization and economic growth, especially after 1850.
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