Annihilation: A Global Military History of World War II

TitleAnnihilation: A Global Military History of World War II
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsZeiler, Thomas W.
Number of Pages485
PublisherOxford University Press
CityNew York

From 1937 to 1945 the world witnessed a succession of savage military policies, innovations, and actions on the field, in the water, and in the skies that resulted in the butchery of over fifty million people. The military history of the Second World War involves heroism and evil, effective and hopeless strategies, bold and pointless operations, calculation and luck, politics and diplomacy, and production and attrition. This study incorporates recent scholarship on the military history of the Second World War to examine both chronologically and in a comprehensive geographic way the most destructive event in recorded human history. This monograph argues that World War II evolved into a war of annihilation--a total war--that engulfed militants and civilians alike. The book challenges the "good war" thesis by showing that the "strategy of annihilation" was employed by all sides in the conflict. Moving from the onset of hostilities to the final days of battle, the narrative provides a global perspective that links all theaters of the war. 

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