Elles étaient en guerre: 1939-1945

TitleElles étaient en guerre: 1939-1945
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBeziat, Fabien, and Hugues Nancy
Running Time1h 31 m
Publication LanguageFrench, English subt.

This French documentary tells the story of the millions of European women who fought against the misery and unspeakable horror in war-torn Europe during the Second World War. It explores their humiliations and imprisonment, their persecution and their deaths. These women worked at the home front in war industries and war welfare or became auxiliaries and soldiers, doctors and nurses. They fought against Nazi occupation as partisans, resistance fighters, and spies. The documentary tells the story of these women, neglected by most historians, and presents individual biographies of French, German, and American women such as  Virginia Hall, Danielle Casanova, Sophie Scholl, Simone de Beauvoir, Simone Schloss, Suzanne Spaak, Germaine Tillon, Violette Szabo, Lucie Aubrac, Vera Atkins.

Alternate TitleWomen at War: 1939-1945
Translated TitleThey Were at War: 1939-1945
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