The French Revolutionary Wars

TitleThe French Revolutionary Wars
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsFremont-Barnes, Gregory
PublisherFitzroy Dearborn

This is an accessible guide to the French Revolutionary Wars with an emphasis on the people who fought and the impact on the world at large. Europe's great powers formed two powerful coalitions against France, yet force of numbers, superior leadership, and the patriotic fervor of France's citizen-soldiers not only defeated each in turn, but closed the era of small, professional armies fighting for limited political objectives. This period produced commanders such as Napoleon and Nelson, whose names remain a by-word for excellence to this day. From Italy to Egypt Napoleon demonstrated his strategic genius and mastery of tactics in battles including Rivoli, the Pyramids and Marengo. Nelson's spectacular sea victories at the Nile and Copenhagen were foretastes of a century of British naval supremacy.

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