The Algerian War, 1954-1962

TitleThe Algerian War, 1954-1962
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsBatty, Peter
Running Time56 min each
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication LanguageEnglish, French

This five-part television series, directed by Peter Batty, for BBC Channel Four and Radio Télévision Belge Francophone on the Algerian War, documents the momentous struggle for independence from France by Algerian nationalists between 1954 and 1962. This eight-year conflict caused the fall of six French Prime Ministers and eventually the collapse of the Fourth Republic of France. It returned Charles de Gaulle to power but also almost brought about his demise. It twice brought civil strife to mainland France, as well as the fear of a military coup. It resulted in the deaths of at least one million Algerians and the exodus of as many European settlers. It was the last of the old style "colonial struggles" and the first of what would become the widespread wars of decolonization. It also marked the first practical application of what we today call counter-insurgency.

Full episodes are available on YouTube:

Episode 1: Road to Rebellion

Episode 2: A Question of Conscience

Episode 3: I Understand You

Episode 4: To the Barricades

Episode 5: The Suitcase or the Coffin

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