The Antiwar Movement

TitleThe Antiwar Movement
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsTischler, Barbara
EditorYoung, Marilyn B., and Robert Buzzanco
Book TitleA Companion to the Vietnam War
CityMalden, MA

The loosely-organized coalition that came together to stop the war in Vietnam in the Unied States in the late 1960s and early 1970s presents a study in contrast. It was an antiwar movement whose target was not a war at all, but a “conflict,” among forces within the former French colony of Vietnam that nevertheless resulted in the loss of more than 58,000 American lives, in addition to monumental civilian and military losses within Viet- nam. The movement brought together men and women whose religious and/or pacifist principles asserted the immorality of taking human life, along with cultural and political radicals of a young generation whose ideas ranged from personal libera- tion to revolutionary discipline and even violence. The antiwar coalition included individuals and organizations with disparate political views united in a common cause. A movement that identified itself as “Left,” it experienced tension between Old and New. A peace movement, it included soldiers and recent veterans, many of whom had enlisted because they believed in the justice of the American cause in Southeast Asia. Ths chapter esplores the movment agiant the Vietnam War in the United States with all its ambiguities.

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