Preventing Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War

TitlePreventing Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsHope, Samantha J.
Number of Pages162

In 2012, the UK introduced the 'Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative'. This work examines whether it is actually possible to prevent sexual violence being employed as a weapon of war against women, men and children. It assesses existing prevention strategies, uses Daesh as a case study - to illustrate the limitations of the current approaches - and considers additional measures. The author concludes that it is possible to prevent sexual violence in war, provided that all appropriate measures are harnessed and adapted to the specific circumstances of each conflict. It will, though, require improvements to existing strategies, the use of additional prevention measures, more resources and long-term engagement of all actors. This volume was awarded the 2017 first prize in EuroISME's annual best thesis contest.

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