Mata Hari : une femme nue devant la justice militaire

TitleMata Hari : une femme nue devant la justice militaire
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsKocher-Marboeuf, Éric, Frédéric Chauvaud, and Gilles Malandain
Book TitleImpossibles victimes, impossibles coupables: Les femmes devant la justice (XIXe-XXe siècles)
PublisherPresses universitaires de Rennes

It is the tragic shipwreck of a certain "Belle Epoque" of European society that the author invites us to read in the fascinating and pathetic trajectory of the most famous spy in our history, this anti-Joan of Arc. Of course, "the deep imaginary inscription of the relations between secrecy and sexuality, intimacy and femininity, [which] makes the spy an ancient mythical figure", makes it difficult but necessary to disentangle the history of the legend, to find Marguerite Zelle under Mata Hari, the social actress (rather than political or military) under the phantasmal projection whose clichés and contradictions are well known. But we must also ask ourselves, for this woman as for all those shot "for the example" of the Great War, about the rapid reconsideration of her case and about her posthumous aura of expiatory victim. [translated from introduction]

Translated TitleMata Hari: A Woman Born before Military Justice
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