Avènement d'une culture visuelle de guerre : le cinéma en France de 1914 à 1928

TitleAvènement d'une culture visuelle de guerre : le cinéma en France de 1914 à 1928
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsVéray, Laurent
Number of Pages539
PublisherNouvelles éditions Place

The Great War was the first historical conflict largely “mediatized” by fixed and animated images. The breadth of the event and the role of cinema in modern society gave a new dimension to this visual production that tended toward establishing it as an institution. Its goal was as much to inform and to entertain a contemporary audience as to constitute archives for the future. Even today, these are the archives that directors of historical films use, often without questioning them. Alongside the images taken of life, patriotic fictions were numerous and staged the heroism of soldiers and the infallible support of women. These films remain influenced by the oldest cultural representations despite the more truthful appearance of the news. Based on a rich and varied body of work, this book retraces the uses of cinema between 1914 and 1928. It analyzes the place of the filmed press, the documentaries, and the fictions of war in France. By situating them in their social context, we know better their specificities and their evolution. We can then talk about the advent of a visual culture of war. [translated and modified from publisher]

Translated TitleThe Advent of a Visual Culture of War: Cinema in France from 1914 to 1928
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