Le sexe sous l'Empire, 1799-1815

TitleLe sexe sous l'Empire, 1799-1815
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBoudon, Jacques-Olivier
PublisherLa Librairie Vuibert

The French Revolution was also a sexual revolution. The end of the influence of the Church on society permitted the expression of desires and the Empire, in this domain like in others, completely transformed the daily life of the French. The mobilization of an army of young people changed sexuality: the turn to prostitution, the introduction of the condom, the increase in rapes, the trivialization of passing encounters. The Civil Code tried to regulate new mores but spirits, notably among the elites, were more inclined to libertinism than outrageous moralization. What remained between 1799 and 1815 of the liberties conquered at the time of the Revolution? More generally, how and with whom did one make love under the Empire? Which lover was Napoleon? What place did homosexuality occupy, beyond some known figures like Cambacérès or Fiévée? What does the erotic literature of the time reveal? By putting together the intimate stories of the French, the author reveals the unexpected reverse of the Napoleonic era. [translated from author]

Translated TitleSex under the Empire: 1799-1815
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