Mujeres para la Historia: La España silenciada del Siglo XX

TitleMujeres para la Historia: La España silenciada del Siglo XX
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsRodrigo, Antonina
Number of Pages336
PublisherEdiciones Carena
CityBarcelona, Spain

In this book, Antonina Rodrigo brings together the voices of 14 women fighters in various fields of public life who, together, largely supported the rise of feminine progress, and who were the pioneers of the most important change taking place in the early years of the 20th century. In its pages live two actresses and a dancer (María Casares, Margarita Xirgu and Antonia Mercé, Argentina), four politicians (Victoria Kent, Margarita Nelken, Federica Montseny and Dolores Ibárruri, la Pasionaria), a journalist (María Morales), a teacher and militia woman (Enriqueta Otero Blanco), a painter (María Blanchard) and four university students dedicated to literature and pedagogy (María Teresa León, Zenobia Camprubí, María Goyri and María de Maeztu). Their lives are especially valuable examples of solidarity and commitment to democratic ideals in very difficult times in the history of Spain.

Translated TitleWomen for History: The Silenced Spain of the 20th Century
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