Women and Slavery in the French Antilles, 1635-1848

TitleWomen and Slavery in the French Antilles, 1635-1848
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsMoitt, Bernard
Number of Pages217
PublisherIllinois University Press
CityBloomington, IN

This book, published at the turn of the 21st century, remains an important contribution to scholarship on enslaved women's experience in the French Caribbean from the early colonial period through legal emancipation. Drawing extensively upon both secondary and archival sources such as census data, narratives of travelers and priests, newspapers, and legal sources, Moitt addresses subjects as diverse as gender and labor regime, legal status and manumission, slave revolts, childbirth and motherhood, racial attitudes, slave hierarchies, violence and abuse over the course of two centuries. The book emphasizes both the range of women's labors within the French Caribbean slave regime and the breadth of enslaved women's resistance as they struggled to build new lives under the killing conditions of plantation slavery.  

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