Waterloo Road

TitleWaterloo Road
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1945
AuthorsGilliat, Sidney, and Frank Launder
Running Time1h 16min
Date Released02/05/1945
DistributorGeneral Film Distributors (GFD)
CountryUnited Kingdom

Waterloo Road is a 1945 British film, the third installment in an "unofficial trilogy" according to the British Film Institute, preceded by Millions Like Us (1943) and Two Thousand Women (1944). In London, soon after railway worker Jim Colte (John Mills) reports for military duty, he suspects that his recent bride, Tillie (Joy Shelton), has been seeing draft dodger and womanizer Ted Purvis (Stewart Granger). Unable to get an approval for leave, Jim goes AWOL and spends a day one step behind Purvis. During his search, Jim must evade the military police and endure air raids. He also receives unexpected aid from one of Purvis' jilted girlfriends and kindly Dr. Montgomery (Alastair Sim).

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