J'accuse! / I Accuse (1919)

TitleJ'accuse! / I Accuse (1919)
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1919
AuthorsGance, Abel
Running Time2h 46min
Date Released04/25/1919
DistributorPathé Films
Publication LanguageFrench

J'accuse is a 1919 French silent film directed by Abel Gance. It juxtaposes a romantic drama with the background of the horrors of World War I, and it is sometimes described as a pacifist or anti-war film. Two romantic rivals put their differences aside as they experience one of World War I's most devastating battles. One conjures the dead to defend his French homeland. Work on the film began in 1918, and some scenes were filmed on real battlefields. The film's powerful depiction of wartime suffering, and particularly its climactic sequence of the "return of the dead", made it an international success. The film was remade by the same director and rereleased under the same title in 1938. 

Original PublicationJ'accuse!
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