Military Masculinities: Identity and the State

TitleMilitary Masculinities: Identity and the State
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsHigate, Paul R.
Number of Pages233
CityWestport, CT

In spite of all the attention that has been devoted to men's identity in recent years, the links between men and the military have until now remained unquestioned, and thus unexplored. This volume deconstructs the traditional stereotypes of military identity and makes a strong case for a plurality of identities within a range of theoretical and empirical contexts. Drawing on various disciplines—including sociology, anthropology, ethnography, human geography, and feminist epistemology—the contributors consider the ways in which military masculine identities are created and sustained in the armed forces and the societies in which they operate. Though mainly focused on the British army, this volume explores universal issues such as violence among military communities, the identity of women in the military, and the treatment of conscientious objectors.

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