Judgment Without Trial: Japanese American Imprisonment during World War II

TitleJudgment Without Trial: Japanese American Imprisonment during World War II
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKashima, Tetsuden
Number of Pages327
PublisherUniversity of Washington Press
CitySeattle, WA

Along with coverage of the well-known incarceration camps, the author discusses the less familiar and very different experiences of people of Japanese descent in the Justice and War Departments' internment camps that held internees from the continental U.S. and from Alaska, Hawaii, and Latin America. Utilizing extracts from diaries, contemporary sources, official communications, and interviews, Kashima brings an array of personalities to life on the pages of his book—those whose unbiased assessments of America's Japanese ancestry population were discounted or ignored, those whose works and actions were based on misinformed fears and racial animosities, those who tried to remedy the inequalities of the system, and, by no means least, the prisoners themselves.

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