Women, Labour and Politics in Trinidad and Tobago: A History

TitleWomen, Labour and Politics in Trinidad and Tobago: A History
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsReddock, Rhoda
Number of Pages346
PublisherZed Books

This lively history of women in the Caribbean draws on rare first-hand testimonies to uncover their early feminism, their participation in labour struggles and in radical and liberal political movements. It ranges from the time of slavery and indentureship to national independence in 1962 and the present day. It shows how gender inequalities have been perpetuated for exploitative ends and explores women's roles and activities in colonial ideology and reality. The author argues that it is only modern capital that has defined women as dependent non-workers or housewives, and emphasizes how labour and political organization have been part of women's experience ever since the 19th century.

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