African Americans in the United States Army in World War II

TitleAfrican Americans in the United States Army in World War II
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBooker, Bryan
Number of Pages366
CityJefferson, NC

The political, economic and social landscapes of the United States in the early 1940s were split by one overriding factor—race. This book explores the ways this separation extended to the military forces and the impact segregation had on World War II. Beginning with an overview of African Americans and the military from the inception of the United States and a brief history of the African American role in World War I, the focus moves to between-the-wars movements such as the Protective Mobilization Plan promoting racial integration of the military. The main focus is the African American role in World War II and the stigma that remained despite their valor. Groups discussed include the Women’s Army Corps; tank destroyers; separate infantry regiments such as the 24th, 65th, 364th, 366th and 372nd; and the 2nd cavalry. Also included is a list of African American World War II veterans belatedly (and mostly posthumously) awarded medals of honor on January 13, 1997.

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