Musique, art et religion dans l'entre-deux-guerres

TitleMusique, art et religion dans l'entre-deux-guerres
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsCaron, Sylvain, and Michel Duchesneau
Number of Pages512

Assembling musicologists, art historians, theologists, and sociologists, this work approaches from an interdisciplinary perspective the complex question of the place religion occupied in thought, art, and more specifically music in the interwar period at a time of profound disruption, when the progressive retreat of the Church from the affairs of the state and from society in general did not impede creators from professing their faith by their art and from looking to reconstruct, under a new form, a Catholic culture. How would this faith feed the imagination of musicians and painters? What evolution did liturgical music and sacred art go through during this period? Did there exist correspondences between music and visual art concerning their relationship to the sacred? These questions, and many others, are at the heart of the thirty articles which compose this volume. [publisher]

Translated TitleMusic, Art and Religion in the Inter-war Years
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