Guerres et armées napoléoniennes: nouveaux regards

TitleGuerres et armées napoléoniennes: nouveaux regards
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDrévillon, Hervé, Bertrand Fonck, and Michel Roucaud
Number of Pages562
PublisherNouveau Monde

In recent years, the French historiography of the Napoleonic Wars has undergone a real revival. Enriched by the consideration of transnational phenomena and dialogue with work carried out abroad, new fields of research have been opened up. The ambitions of the total history of military events and cultural history have thus joined those of the social history of armies, institutional history and the new battle-history. Relying on a rereading of the most varied sources, the specialists gathered here shed new light on the campaigns of the Grande Armée and the experience of the men who served under its eagles. They propose a renewed approach to the Napoleonic war system, but also to the legend and memory of the wars of the Empire. This volume thus offers a progress report on the achievements of the most recent historiography and the new dynamics of research. Through a better appreciation of the role of the army and the military fact, it opens up to a deeper understanding of the Empire as a whole and the relationship between war, politics and society.

Translated TitleNapoleonic Wars and Armies: New Perspectives
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