Radetzky: Imperial Victor and Military Genius

TitleRadetzky: Imperial Victor and Military Genius
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsSked, Alan
Number of Pages262
PublisherI. B. Tauris

History remembers Wellington's defeat of Napoleon, but has forgotten the role of Field Marshal Radetzky (1766-1858) in the battles which led to Napoleon's abdication and first exile in 1814. As Chief of Staff to the allied coalition of 1813-14, Radetzky determined the shape of the most decisive campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars by creating the strategy that defeated the Corsican in Germany and then France. Neither Russia nor Prussia had been able to overcome Napoleon in battle and it took the brilliant diplomacy of Metternich and the military genius of Radetzky to ensure victory over the Emperor. In short, the Austrian contribution decisively tipped the balance against Napoleon -- a fact which has always been overlooked by historians. It was Radetzky, too, at the age of eighty-two, who defeated the Italians in 1848 and 1849 and thus saved Europe once again from the prospect of international war and revolution. In this, the first biography of Radetzky to be published in English, the author paints a vivid picture of an exceptional, yet neglected commander of genius.

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