Bewaffnete Volkskämpfe in Europa 1848/49

TitleBewaffnete Volkskämpfe in Europa 1848/49
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1973
AuthorsHelmert, Heinz, and Hans Jürgen Usczech
Number of Pages352
PublisherMilitärverlag der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik
CityBerlin (East)

The Revolutions of 1848-49 were a series of political upheavals throughout Europe. It remains the most widespread revolutionary wave in European history, which was essentially democratic and liberal in nature and aimed of removing the old monarchical structures and creating independent nation-states with constitutions. The revolution movement spread across Europe after an initial revolution began in France in February 1948. Some of the major contributing factors were widespread dissatisfaction with political leadership, demands for more participation in government and democracy, demands for freedom of the press. The working class played an important role in this revolution, which is analyzed in this volume by two GDR historians. The revolution led to civil war, which was defeated in 1849 by the military of the monarchies.

Translated TitleArmed Mass Struggles in Europe 1848/49
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