The Italian Risorgimento: Transnational Perspectives

TitleThe Italian Risorgimento: Transnational Perspectives
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
Secondary AuthorsJanz, Oliver, and Lucy Riall
JournalModern Italy
Issue1 (Special Issue)
Date Published01/2014

This special issue of the journal Modern Italy on the theme "The Italian Risorgimento: Transnational Perspectives", edited by  Oliver Janz and Lucy Riall explores the historiography on the Risorgimento from the perspective of transnational history. The term ‘transnational history’ has made rapid ground in recent scholarly debate. In some ways the latest manifestation of an approach that has been variously described as international, comparative, world or global history, transnational history seeks to overcome a historiography focused on the nation and to displace the focus on the nation-state by studying non-governmental institutions, civil associations, informal groups and/or individual actors. Its primary claim to innovation lies in an emphasis on movement, interaction and interpenetration between and across different groups, societies and political units. Thus, the main concern of transnational history is with linkages and networks, perhaps especially in the so-called ‘Global South’; with respect to the latter, an implicit aim of the approach is to challenge the ‘Eurocentrism’ characteristic of historical writing at least since the Enlightenment.

The special issue includes the following chapters:

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