La vie militaire sous l'ancien régime

TitleLa vie militaire sous l'ancien régime
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1889
AuthorsBabeau, Albert
Number of Volumes2

This work focuses on the period known as the Ancien Régime, which extends from the accession of Louis XIII to the downfall of Louis XVI. Since the standing army had been substituted for the national army, what were the duties and obligations of the soldier? How did the soldier and the officer live? How was the soldier, whom we will deal with first and to whom this volume will be devoted, recruited, housed, clothed, and paid? What service was asked of him, to what discipline was he subjected? How was he treated by his leaders? The condition of veterans and junior officers, of the servants and wives of soldiers, the state of hospitals, the influence of chaplains, so many ancillary questions which, in addition to the study of previous ones, will enable us to approach the examination of the military character in peace as in war. [translated from Amazon]

Translated TitleMilitary Life under the Ancien Regime
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