Paisà / Paisan

TitlePaisà / Paisan
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1946
AuthorsRossellini, Roberto
Running Time2h
Date Released12/10/1946
Publication LanguageItalian

This groundbreaking film about the liberation of Italy in World War II unfolds through six separate stories across the country, showing various relationships between the American occupiers and the newly liberated Italians. Director Roberto Rossellini used a documentary style and professional and non-professional actors to explore everyday life of love, loss, childhood, and spirituality. Two of the outstanding episodes see black military policeman Dotts Johnson robbed of his shoes by a cheeky street urchin while the film ends with a reminder that the war was still not won, as German troops prefer to fight a battle to the death. Paisan is the second part of Roberto Rossellini's war trilogy, preceeded by Rome, Open City (1945) and Germany, Year Zero (1948).

Original PublicationPaisà
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