Vigilie (1914-1918)

TitleVigilie (1914-1918)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1919
AuthorsGiacomelli, Antonietta
Number of Pages383
PublisherR. Bemporad

The outbreak of the First World War represents a shocking watershed for the Italian society of the early twentieth century: Antonietta Giacomelli lived those years with great intensity and emotional participation. Vigilie (1914-1918), already published in 1919 by Bemporad, is a vivid autobiographical testimony on the spirit of the time and on the anguish of a war that invades the native lands and upsets the life of everyone, from the rich bourgeoisie to the humble peasants of the countryside. Nicoletta, the Red Cross nurse, the protagonist and narrator of the diary, reports with simplicity and meticulousness the details of daily life in the Veneto devastated by the conflict. Through the letters of the soldiers at the front and the stories of the wounded assisted at the field hospitals, Giacomelli reconstructs all the drama of the Great War, reporting with Christian passion the high spirit of sacrifice that animated the Italian fighters.

Reprint Edition2014
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