A Woman's Diary of the War

TitleA Woman's Diary of the War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1915
AuthorsMacNaughton, Sarah Broom
Number of Pages168
PublisherThomas Nelson and Sons

One of the most powerful descriptions of the scourge of the First World War by a woman who was on the front lines and ultimately gave her life for the cause. Scottish-born English novelist, Sarah Broom Macnaughtan (1864 – 1916) spent much of her life in the service of others in need. She worked for the Red Cross to aid soldiers and civilians in the Balkans, the Boer War, and WWI. She was a suffragist and worked for the poor. She kept this diary during her service in WWI. During that war, she received the Order of Leopold for work under fire in Belgium. On her way to provide medical assistance in Russia, she fell ill. Upon her return to England, she died.

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