A Half Acre of Hell: A Combat Nurse in WW II

TitleA Half Acre of Hell: A Combat Nurse in WW II
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsSchorer, Avis D.
Number of Pages257
PublisherGalde Press
CityLakeville, MN

This volume is the memoir of Lt. Avis Schorer, who served with the 56th Evacuation Hospital during World War II. From Fort Chaffee, she and ten other nurses were sent to Texas to join the 56th Evacuation Hospital, bound for North Africa. Travelling from Texas to New York, then across the Atlantic to North Africa with stops in Morocco and Tunisia, the 56th Evacuation Hospital and Lt. Schorer eventually crossed the Mediterranean into Italy. From Avellino to Dragoni, they worked to save the lives of soldiers from the U.S. 5th army through a cold, muddy winter. Then, eventually, the evac hospital moved to the place for which this book is named—Hell’s Half Acre, the hospital area of the Anzio beachhead.

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