Home before Morning: The Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam

TitleHome before Morning: The Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsVan Devanter, Lynda
Number of Pages320
PublisherBeaufort Books
CityNew York

This memoir is the story of Lynda Devanter, who attended nursing school after graduating high school and then did something that would shatter her secure world for the rest of her life: in 1969, she joined the army and was shipped to Vietnam.  After one traumatic year, she came home, a Vietnam veteran. Coming home was nearly as devastating as the time she spent in Asia. Like many other Vietnam veterans, she suffered from delayed stress syndrome. Working in hospitals brought back chilling scenes of hopelessly wounded soldiers. This volume is the story of a woman whose courage, stamina, and personal history make this a compelling autobiography. It is also the saga of others who went to war to aid the wounded and came back wounded — physically and emotionally — themselves. And, it is the true story of one person's triumphs: her understanding of, and coming to terms with, her destiny.

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