La Belle Vie

TitleLa Belle Vie
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1963
AuthorsEnrico, Robert
Running Time105 minutes
Date Released01/22/1964
Publication LanguageFrench

After twenty-seven long months spent in Algeria, Frédéric Simon, a young French photographer, is determined to forget this time of trouble and is determined to live a good life after the army discharges him. At first, things go according to his wishes: not only does he marry his love, Sylvie, but they are invited by a wealthy man to Monte Carlo, where they spend a dream honeymoon. But back in Paris, hard times await them. Not finding work easily, along with having to live in a cramped apartment, make Frédéric bitter and unpleasant. When Sylvie becomes pregnant, he finds consolation in the arms of Christine, an ex girlfriend, but soon comes to regret the liaison. At last, Frédéric finds work and starts making money as a fashion photographer. But the good life cannot go on: one morning a policeman knocks at the young couple's door: the country wants Frédéric back in the Army.

Translated TitleThe Good Life
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