Europe and Ethnicity : The First World War and Contemporary Ethnic Conflict

TitleEurope and Ethnicity : The First World War and Contemporary Ethnic Conflict
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsDunn, Seamus, and T.G. Fraser
Number of Pages218
CityNew York, United States

The 1990s have seen an upsurge in ethnic tensions in many parts of Europe. One cause of much of this conflict has been the collapse of the Soviet order. Europe and Ethnicity suggests more significant reasons are to be found in the decisions taken during World War I and at Versailles. An introductory chapter analyses the context of the war with particular reference to regions and states where the national and ethnic questions were particularly complex and intransigent. Subsequent chapters present case studies from arenas of conflict: Ireland to Yugoslavia; the Middle East to the Baltic states; Austria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Europe and Ethnicity confirms the mixed legacy of the period for the ethnic stability of the areas examined, while taking into account the impact of World War II and the ending of the Cold War.

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Foreword Otto von Habsburg, MEP

1. Introduction Seamus Dunn and T.G.Fraser

2. The Genie that would not go back into the Bottle-- Ethnic Nationalism, The First World War and the Peace Settlement Alan Sharp

3. Yugoslavia: the Search for Nation-State Ann Lane

4. From Czechs to Slovaks to Czechoslovakia, and from Czechoslovakia to Czechs and Slovaks W.V.Wallace

5. Trentino and Tyrol, from Austrian Crownland to European Region Anthony Alcock

6. Hungary: a State Partitioned, a Nation Dismembered Raymond Pearson

7. The Ukraine Andrew Wilson

8. The Baltic States Ken Ward

9. The Middle East: Partition and Reformation T.G.Fraser

10. Ireland Seamus Dunn and T. Hennessey

11. The Enduring Legacy A.M.Gallagher.

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