San Martín: Argentine Soldier, American Hero

TitleSan Martín: Argentine Soldier, American Hero
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLynch, John
Number of Pages265
PublisherYale University Press
CityNew Haven, CT

José de San Martín (1778-1850) was an enigmatic figure - a revolutionary and a conservative, a professional soldier and an intellectual, a taciturn man who nevertheless was able to inspire the peoples of South America to follow his armies and accept his battle strategies. One of the great leaders in the wars for independence, he was a pivotal force in the liberation of Chile and Peru from Spanish rule. In the first full English-language biography of San Martín in more than half a century, the author shines new light on San Martín and on the story of Spanish America's revolutionary wars. The author offers a series of dramatic set pieces: the Peninsular War, in which San Martín fought the French and learned his military skills; the crossing of the Andes, when his army battled the forces of nature as well as enemy fire; the confrontation with imperial Spain in Peru; and the standoff with Bolivar which led to San Martín's resignation and exile in Europe. This volume enhances our understanding of the modern history of Latin America and one of its most brilliant leaders.

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