Macht - Mythos - Utopie: Die Körperbilder der SS-Männer

TitleMacht - Mythos - Utopie: Die Körperbilder der SS-Männer
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsDiehl, Paula
Number of Pages286
PublisherAkademie Verlag

In her book, Paula Diehl provides a study of the political and cultural sciences of the production of the National Socialist and the construction of social myths. At the center of this study are the body images of the SS men, the visualization of the "Aryan" topography and their embedding in the social imagination. The staging of domination, the use of physical images in political discourse, and the production and functionalization of "self" and "foes" are analyzed. The author shows how strongly the formation, transmission, and stabilization of the national socialist ideology were tied to the relationship between body, body image, and political symbolism. The role of the German myth in the construction of the Aryan, the cinematic distribution of the staged reality, the death symbolism of the SS as well as the importance of uniforms in body coding are analyzed. Anchored in Nazi ideology, the body images of the SS men should convey political commitment, power, violence, as well as the nation-socialist project of the "New Man." They provided templates for racist ideals, masculine models and for the projection of fears, longings and desires. The study shows how body images can arise and be functionalized in political discourse.

Translated TitlePower - Myth - Utopia: The Body Images of the SS Men
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