Sexuality in the Military

TitleSexuality in the Military
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDe Angelis, Karin, Michelle Sandhoff, Kimberly Bonner, and David R. Segal
EditorBaumle, Amanda K.
Book TitleInternational Handbook on the Demography of Sexuality
CityDordrecht, Netherlands

The changing demographics of American society directly impact the composition of today’s All-Volunteer Force. As the American population becomes increasingly diverse, the military, in turn, reflects these changes through its own recruitment and retention goals, leading to a military population more diverse than forces grown and managed under selective conscription (Segal and Segal 2004). Yet, the demographics of military personnel are not a direct reflection of American society, particularly for those groups, such as women and gay men and lesbians, whose presence and participation in the military is regulated by explicit legal restrictions (Bourg and Segal 2001). Formal policy change, however, is on the horizon for both military women and gay men and lesbians, although these formal changes may not have an immediate impact on military demographics, which also are influenced by a military culture that privileges heteronormative masculinity.

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