Hong gao liang / Red Sorghum

TitleHong gao liang / Red Sorghum
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsYimou, Zhang
Running Time1h 30min
Date Released10/10/1988
DistributorNew Yorker Films
Publication LanguageMandarin

Based on the 1986 novel Red Sorghum Clan by Nobel laureate Mo Yan, and winner of the Berlin Film Festival's Golden Bear, this debut film from director Zhang Yimou celebrates peasant life during the Chinese Civil War (1927-1950) and before the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). On her way to marry a wealthy, old distillery owner, bandits attack Jiu'er's wedding party in a sorghum field. The man who saves her also rapes her, leaving her pregnant. After the death of her husband, Jiu'er inspires the peasant workers and begins to run a successful distillery. The arrival of Japanese soldiers brutally destroy their rural idyll.

Original Publication紅高粱 (Hóng gāoliang)
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