They're Still Women After All: The Second World War and Canadian Womanhood

TitleThey're Still Women After All: The Second World War and Canadian Womanhood
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsPierson, Ruth Roach
Number of Pages304
PublisherMcClelland and Stewart

"They're Still Women After All," the name given to an article in Saturday Night in September 1942, sums up the relief apparently felt by the majority of Canadian males at being presented with evidence that women were retaining their so-called feminine qualities, despite their stepping into war-time jobs that in peacetime had been reserved for men. The phrase is an apt one for the title of this book on Canadian women during the Second World War by Dr. Ruth Pierson, which asks whether the economic and social advances that are generally believed to have been made by women in the war years were real gains, or only temporary changes necessitated by manpower shortages. Were more options open to women at the end of the war, and had societal attitudes towards such things as government-sponsored daycare or women's roles been changed? Pierson provides a fascinating account of the recruitment of women into the war-time labour force, the government job training programs provided for women, and the entrance of women into the armed forces.

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