Night of Stone: Death and Memory in Twentieth Century Russia

TitleNight of Stone: Death and Memory in Twentieth Century Russia
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsMerridale, Catherine
Number of Pages402
CityNew York

During the twentieth century, Russia, Ukraine, and other territories of the former Soviet Union experienced more bloodshed and violent death than anywhere else on earth: fifty million dead, in an epic of destruction that encompassed war, revolution, famine, epidemic, and political purges. In Night of Stone, Catherine Merridale asks Russians the most difficult questions about how their country's volatile past has affected their everyday lives, aspirations, dreams, and nightmares. Drawing upon evidence from rare Imperial archives, Soviet propaganda, memoirs, letters, newspapers, literature, psychiatric studies, and interviews, Night of Stone provides a highly original and revealing history of modern Russia. [Book jacket]

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