Glaube, Führer, Hoffnung: Der Untergang der Clara S.

TitleGlaube, Führer, Hoffnung: Der Untergang der Clara S.
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsWiborg, Susanne, and Jan Peter Wiborg
Number of Pages316
PublisherVerlag Antje Kunstmann

Stettin, spring 1945. War and euphoria, love and death: Clara S. is one of the few women left behind in the Pomeranian capital. While the Red Army is on the other side, the twenty-four year-old believes she has finally found what she has always wanted: the true, "heroic" life - and great love at that. In her Gods'-Twilight euphoria, the young BDM leader writes a unique historical document: a bundle of letters that survived after she herself disappeared early May 1945 in Rügen. Rügen, Spring 2015: Why seek the traces of a lost aunt, whose demise forces us to look into an abyss that nobody would actually explore? Can we not finally conclude? No, Susanne and Jan Peter Wiborg looking here just not an aunt, but a prototype, the strange, seemingly distant shadow that "there were some games, but then ..." in almost every German family. Here is the feminine side of fanaticism: an intelligent girl who originally wanted just a little more than what was allowed to a Pomerania female role. What did she do, a naive devotee of Hitler to the death?

Translated TitleBelief, Leader, Hope: The Downfall of Clara S.
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