Mediterranean Frontiers: Borders, Conflict and Memory in a Transnational World

TitleMediterranean Frontiers: Borders, Conflict and Memory in a Transnational World
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBechev, Dimitar, and Kalypso Nicolaìˆdis
Number of Pages251
PublisherTauris Academic Studies

The identity of any nation-state is inextricably linked with its borders and frontiers. Borders connect nations and sustain notions of social cohesion. Yet they are also the sites of division, fragmentation and political conflict. This ambitious study encompasses North Africa, the Middle East, and South and South East Europe to examine the emergence of state borders and polarised identities in the Mediterranean. The authors look at the impact of political boundaries upon the region, along with pressures from European and economic integration, the resurgence of nationalism, and refugee and security concerns. The authors explore the politics of memory, and ask whether echoes from the imperial past -- Ottoman and colonial -- could provide the basis for conflict resolution, region-building and economic integration.

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